Flaviar: A New Way To Taste Premium Sprits


Forget flowers. If you want to send me something that will give you the everlasting key to my heart: send whisky. That said, any potential suitors should definitely check out Flaviar.


This brilliant monthly box sends a premium tasting of 5 spirits. The box I had was delicious, delicious whisky from all around the world!  I was so excited upon receiving this thing that I even put up a terrifically unflattering (to me, not them) Youtube video about it! I was that jazzed about this box!  Just imagine: Japanese whisky with floral notes and peach. A whisky all the way from India that smells sweet, and of almonds. There was whisky from Switzerland, Ireland, and of course Scotland.

The idea is that you invite 2 other friends over, and make it a tasting party. I cheated and just had 1 other person, so it was really a party, and we had plenty to taste! Going back and forth about what we noticed in each was honestly a lot of fun! They’ve even got an app! To buy all of these bottles at a liquor store would have been well over $300, and this subscription is currently just $24.99. Tis the season… And I can’t imagine a better gift than this.

Troy & Sons Blonde Whiskey


I love getting mail. I live for subscription boxes, pen pals, and Amazon Prime; so it should come as no surprise that I was absolutely beside myself when I found a truly beautiful box of whiskey waiting for me at my door.


This gift didn’t come by chance, I actually had the pleasure of meeting the maker, Troy of Troy & Sons, just weeks before at a fantastic food and whiskey pairing hosted by Blackbird & Henry. Female entrepreneurs always inspire me, and Troy was no exception. She was warm, friendly, and willing to answer all of my pesky questions. I was impressed by the ways Blackbird mixed up her various spirits, and particularly liked the margarita made with platinum whiskey. I’m blonde, so perhaps I’m partial, but my favorite is the blonde whiskey. It smells and tastes of honey, and goes down straight without that sharp bite. The Troy & Sons motto is ‘A Kinder Spirit,’ and it shows through in both their product and their people.


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