Too Much Cute: Kawaii Box Giveaway!


My friend in Berlin sent me a message this morning that read, “This makes me think of you!” It contained a link to an over-the-top cute Japanese music video. This should tell you where I stand when it comes to all things ‘kawaii.’


Given that, it should come as no surprise that I was more than excited to receive my first ever package from Kawaii Box.


Each box is jam-packed with the most adorable products, and world-wide shipping is FREE.

Though the box seemed small, it felt like a clown car of presents as I pulled one after the other out in an endless stream of squee.


Want to score a free box of your own? Simply enter the contest below!


Click here for your chance to win!

Disclosure: I did receive a complimentary box for review purposes, and all opinions expressed are 100% my own.


Inside the Box: Wantable


Wantable is a monthly subscription service that offers: intimates, accessories, and cosmetics. Given that I am completely addicted to subscription services, I gave in and decided to try out their jewelry.


 After a brief yet fun quiz, the site determined what styles it thought would match my tastes, and I was on my way to receiving my first package.


I can’t say enough about the packaging. Everything comes in its own black velvet pouch with their iconic ‘W’ marking. The accessories I got were tasteful, useful, and I am still going bananas for the summer scarf I received. (It’s the size of a ship sail! The possibilities are endless!)


The peacock earrings are the perfect size to make a statement, and the turquoise necklace appears to be of great quality (unlike the pile of $5 breakable necklaces from a certain mall store that I usually wear), and it’s the perfect length. If you’re looking to try a high-end-yet-affordable monthly service, I definitely recommend giving Wantable a try. What I got versus the amount they charge is a bargain, especially if you fall in love with everything you get.

Disclosure: I did receive this free of charge for reviewing purposes, but all opinions expressed are my own.

What’s Inside: Blush Box


Blush Box is a monthly subscription service that gives you a bit more than the usual make-up samples and skin creams. Blush offers sexy surprises at many different monthly levels (and they’re based in Austin!).  You can opt for a box that’s more intimate and wild, or try something a little more tame. I got to try out their Panty Delivery, and decided to have a little fun with how I presented their products…


For only $24 you can surprise yourself and your partner with something new to wear beneath your clothing. I should also mention that this can come in handy if your subscription arrives between visits to the laundromat.


Speaking of these products coming when you’re in a bind and need them the most, they also have a Condom Courier. (You know that feel if you’ve ever had one of those moments.)


My box was thoughtfully packaged, and even came with a lavender sachet to keep everything smelling great. I love that they make sure to send you things that are both cute and comfortable, and you never know exactly what to expect (because that would be boring). They have everything from bridal gifts to seasonal boxes, and even more. Take a chance on something new and daring; give Blush Box a try.

Disclosure: I did receive these items at no charge in order to review them. All opinions expressed are my own.

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