Brunch At Garrido’s

We popped in for Austin Restaurant Week at Garrido’s and they did not disappoint.
A mimosa was included, and the following rounds were just $3.

For the first course I had guacamole, my partner ordered the chicken quesadilla. The portions were small, but at $16 (total for the special) and with enormous follow-up entrees,
I really couldn’t complain.

I enjoyed the smoked salmon despite the freakish amount of cream cheese (luckily on the side), and my partner had huevos rancheros.

By the time dessert rolled around, we were hoping for wheelchairs to magically appear and carry us out, but I soldiered on through delicious creme brulee (one of these days I have got to figure out how to find the letters with accents). I don’t think that my partner was
thrilled with the French toast, which he described as “too egg-y,”
and I’ve got to side with him on it being a bit lackluster.

All in all, Garrido’s is a gorgeous space with a beautiful balcony, excellent service,
and a killer Austin Restaurant Week brunch menu.