East Side Find: Jalapeno’s Taco Bar


I went to Jalapenos Taco Bar expecting not to like it, and boy was I wrong.


The place was small, but not cramped, and the salsa was delicious.


I mixed it into everything.


The ceviche tostada was overloaded with fish, and my boyfriend’s bacon breakfast tacos more than filled him up.


Their prices were already low, but we had a Restaurant.com coupon, and the check was unbelievably cheap. We essentially had a Mexican Thanksgiving feast for what came out to be around $13. I highly recommend stopping by this place for good, cheap tacos.

Austin Eastciders: Not Just A Canned Response To Overly Sweet Ciders


When I learned that Austin Eastciders was hosting a party at La Barbecue to celebrate the release of their new can, I was beside myself, but not just for the obvious reasons. My partner’s absolute favorite food in the world is barbecue from La Barbecue, and his number one drink of choice is cider from Austin Eastciders. I was admittedly tempted to threaten to not let him attend the event with me unless he agreed to a few slave-like conditions, but I’m not always that mean.


A big thing that he raves about when it comes to their cider, is that it tastes like the cider he grew up on. (I should probably mention that my boyfriend, like Eastciders’ founder, is from England.) He’s always assumed that the apples in America are much sweeter than the ones they grow in Britain, giving American ciders an intensely sweet taste. Austin Eastciders’ Original product is made from bitter-sweet European apples, as well as American dessert apples, giving it a dry, complex flavor that the Champagne connoisseur in me loves. At 4.8% alcohol by volume, and given its large 16 ounce can, the Eastciders Original is easily a patio pounder with a unique taste, and I can see why that boyfriend of mine is so partial to it.


Full disclosure: I was in the beginning phase of a low-carb diet when I attended this, so I only got to take baby sips. Lots and lots of baby sips. Believe me though, my boyfriend looked happy as a clam. No, happier than that. He looked like happy as an Englishman eating Texas barbecue and drinking cider.

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