East Side Find: Jalapeno’s Taco Bar


I went to Jalapenos Taco Bar expecting not to like it, and boy was I wrong.


The place was small, but not cramped, and the salsa was delicious.


I mixed it into everything.


The ceviche tostada was overloaded with fish, and my boyfriend’s bacon breakfast tacos more than filled him up.


Their prices were already low, but we had a Restaurant.com coupon, and the check was unbelievably cheap. We essentially had a Mexican Thanksgiving feast for what came out to be around $13. I highly recommend stopping by this place for good, cheap tacos.

Sometimes I seriously draw, and I’m happy to do commission work of any sort for the holidays.

Is she having a stroke?

Since I’m left-handed and (for once in my life) “hard to read,” I will narrate.

When I draw faces.

I make faces.

I used to wonder why guys in coffeehouses never hit on me

Or left me any Craig’s List Missed Connections

But now I think the problem is clear

Nobody wants to talk to the girl that’s drawing boobs

And having facial spasms

Drinking wine at 1 in the afternoon.

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