First one to win gets their drink bought by the people they’re playing with.

Lunch At Piranha Killer Sushi

I’m a huge fan of GrouponNow and LivingSocial, and since there’s a “$5 for $10” and “$4 for $8” deal for Piranha going on, I had to go. For a downtown spot during lunch hour it was pretty empty.

The bento box specials are the best way to go. You get miso soup and a ton of food for just $12.95 (or should I say $2.95 since I used the Groupon?).

I chose the “Sushi Bento,” but wish I’d went with the “Sashimi Bento” instead. The booze was not cheap, and I don’t recommend drinking here unless it’s during happy hour which generally lasts from 4-7.

The quality is high in comparison to most other downtown sushi joints,
and the bento boxes are enormous.

Piranha offers a very decent lunch deal, but $7 hot sake is a bit much.
Wait until happy hour when it drops to $2.50.

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