Dining Downtown: Stella San Jac


I live a pretty good life, and as a blogger I’ve been to some very amazing events.


Though all places I have visited have been incredibly kind, I do have to tip my hat to the wonderful folks at Stella San Jac for the super-cool night they gave me last night.


The newly opened restaurant, housed in the Westin, brought a ton of local bloggers in for a happy hour with some complimentary appetizers, and even a cooking demo! (More on that later. Actually, seriously, the straight up video for you below.)


The space was gorgeous, and the food was delish! (Who says ‘delish?’ Oh god, did I just say ‘delish?’ Sign me up for pink sweaters, and tennis lessons STAT.)


Naturally, I ventured to the bar. (Me?!?!? BAAAAAAAAR????) I asked if there were any happy hour specials, and the bartender replied, “Every hour is a happy hour.” I like it! He poured me a glass of rosé that I was convinced would cost $2508582094821, but it was only $8.66, so you know what? He was right! Every hour is happy hour when good wine is fairly priced.

Now, for the biscuits! If you check out my amazing-super-awesome-cinematography (sarcasm) video above (it was Periscope) you’ll see a demonstration from the chef on how to make his famous #16 Biscuits. He calls them ’16’ because it took that many tries to perfect the recipe, and they’re reportedly good enough to make low-carbers crumble. Fret not, dear reader, I crumbled not (“Not today, Satan!”), but I plan to soon. I spent most of my night eating his delicious salmon spread, and put all of my carbs in through pink wine.

Fleming’s Debuts New Lunch Menu


I recently got to visit the newly remodeled Fleming’s downtown, and gorged myself on their brand-spanking-new lunch menu, as well as their fantastic and abundant selection of wines.


I admittedly had never been to Fleming’s, and was surprised by the sleek, sexy interior filled with windows, and enormous panels of glass allowing me to peer into the kitchen.


I ate my way through tenderloin carpaccio, an ahi tuna tower (loved it!), prime ribeye steak, lobster rolls,  and even a prime club steak salad.


At the end I passed on the creme brûlée trio in favor of just 1 bite of the flourless chocolate cake, because hey, I’m still focusing on eating low-carb, and I felt I could treat myself after the endless options they provided me in sticking to my diet, whilst still being decadent.


If I was businesswoman, and needed to impress a client, I think I’d choose this place. However, I am not, and I think I will take myself here more often.

Happy Hour At Trio

Trio at Four Seasons holds the holy grail of all my happy hour delights.
$5 plates of delicious items like tuna tartare, ceviche, chicken fried steak bites, and crispy brussels.

The big draw for me is half-off wine (over 30 choices by the glass!); these deals are available Monday through Saturday from 5-7.

The outdoor grounds are unbelievable. You can view Town Lake, the bats, and joggers from the most serene settings I’ve ever found in Austin.

Go to Trio, sit at the bar, and hope that you get Suzy (my all-time favorite bartender).

Dinner At Swift’s Attic

Swift’s Attic hasn’t “officially” opened yet, but if you make a reservation fast you can score half-off some pretty amazing food during their current soft opening.

The menu goes in order from lightest to heaviest, and the seafood listed all sounded mind-blowing. They had everything from slow-cooked octopus to diver scallops and onto heavier fare.

My partner is a bit like Anthony Bourdain when it comes to eating adorable
animals, and I think he went with, “The cuter, the tastier,” when he chose to order duck wings.

Continuing his war on birds, for dessert he had a peanut butter and jelly dish with foie mousse. It was rich, but he liked it.

The food was so good I didn’t even remember to mention the ambiance in this review: it’s dark and charming with just enough elegance. We were very impressed by the renovations they did to Kyoto’s old space.

Sure, Swift’s Attic has some kinks to work out, for instance our servers were pretty lost when it came to what drinks they served, but it was all minor and just part of the growing process. We were so happy with our meals and overall experience, I can guarantee that we will be back for more.

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