Anyone who says “God and family” is a LIAR!

…and I left off a ‘t,’ and the app won’t let me fix it.

I meant that seriously. I’m having a real party, and you’re really invited! Here are the official details (and I hope to see you there!):

Want to party with me? Google Places is making it possible! 20 lucky readers will receive an invite to an all-inclusive “Champagne and Cupcakes” party with yours truly on Tuesday, August 16th at Gibson Bar. All you have to do is prove that you’re as awesome as I think you all are by sending me your Google Places profile (find it by going to and clicking on your name) to I’ll pick the 20 users who have the most hilarious, creative, and informative reviews on Places to join me for a night of fun, Amber style. Google will cover the tab, and send us home with a few other surprises.

So get reviewing, and remember that the more reviews you write on Places, the better chance you have to get in on the party!

E is for Epic (Fail)

The disaster that followed is below…

I think the best part of today was my actual Twitter stream during this…

(you may want to scroll all the way down and read it from the bottom up)

I made this food pyramid last year with ink and watercolor.  It’s alarmingly accurate; I felt I should finally post it here.

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