My Favorite Mimosa Deals

self portrait
self portrait

Who doesn’t love a good deal on an excuse to day drink mimosas? It’s not alcoholism, it’s brunch. Also, if you’re like me in the sense that you can go for a mimosa anytime, any place, you’re in good hands! Here’s my list of go-to places for our favorite sparkling bevearge on weekends, and every other day of the week:

Sunday Funday

The Park: Enjoy $1 mimosas in 5 different flavors until 5! There’s also a $5 Grey Goose bloody Mary bar, and optional $16 brunch buffet.

Wu Chow: Pair their tantalizing dim sum offerings with $1 mimosas from 11-3 on Sunday.

my take on VOX Table
my take on VOX Table


El Sapo: Burger Brunch is their monthly event (1/15, 2/12, 3/12) with DJs, burger deals, $1 mimosas, and other drink specials.

Bangers: The ‘Manmosa’ may be $10, but that’s because it’s an entire damn bottle of bubbly. Well worth the cost, though sadly limit 1 per customer.

VOX Table: With an approachably priced upscale menu, this place offers both $1 and $3 mimosas, with a slight variance in the quality of  sparkling wine.

Isla: Tropically inspired mimosas are $5, but the real draw for me is the delicious food offering from 11-3. Don’t expect your typical eggs and pancakes, but get ready for delicacies from the islands like scallop cebiche.


Blue Dahlia:  You can grab $2 mimosas anytime, or make it a pint-sized double for $4. Pair that with their weekday happy hour from 3-6:30 which boasts heavily discounted tartines, and you’re in for one hell of an afternoon.

Bouldin Creek: Regularly sized mimosas are $3, but you can upgrade to a large for just $5.



El Chile: Brunch isn’t just for weekends! El Chile has a daily brunch from 11-3 (then immediately rolls into happy hour). The $4 ‘Big Ass Mimosa’ is incredibly large, though they do add ice to it.

Kerbey Lane: This 24 hour cafe offers $2 mimosas and $12 carafes.


Brunch at Russell’s Bistro

Poached Egg at Russell’s Bistro
 Russel’s Bistro is nestled just shy of 38th Street, near the original Kerbey Lane Cafe. We were on our way to Kerbey, but the massive line (and rather annoying drum circle at the shop next door) made us stop to see just what Russell’s had to offer. 

When I learned that they give you complimentary mimosas and coffee while you wait for a seat, my mind was made up.

House Breakfast $10 at Russell’s Bistro
 The menu was overwhelmingly focused on eggs, but that’s pretty standard for most brunch spots. The mimosas, cheaper than the advertised price if you don’t spring for the Prima Perla Prosecco, were lukewarm and dismal. The wait between each one on their otherwise enjoyable patio became unbearable. At one point I had to leave my seat to seek service.

Crab Cake Benedict $15 at Russell’s Bistro
 Dishes run from $9 all the way up to $17. The crab cake benedict was disappointing. The potatoes were fine, the poached eggs were good, but the crab cake was all cake and no crab.

My partner enjoyed the complimentary fruit served with our meal, and even the coffee. We thought the ambiance, particularly the patio, was pleasant, but I don’t think the food dazzled us. If they upped their game on the mimosas (such as serving them cold and fizzy), and if service had been even a little attentive… I’d have loved it.

Brunch at Takoba

I know it’s not French, but my partner’s queso fundido  seemed to stretch in the shape of The Eiffel Tower. Did I mention we recently had brunch at Takoba?

Mimosas were $1.50 per glass, and $7 for a pitcher. I saw extra large micheladas for $6, bloody marys for $5, and a string of people stuck with a 20 minute wait to get tables. 

It didn’t bother us, we just killed time at the bar. 

This wasn’t my first time at Takoba. I previously had the ceviche, and was promptly reminded by my partner that I hated it. I figured I’d give it a second chance, perhaps I was just in a bad mood last time around? 

Nope. Still hated it. I can’t quite place why, but it’s not my favorite. The salad was small, but decent for the price.

A lot of the brunch menu focused on eggs, but clearly we preferred exploring the other items.  My partner chose the menudo, which he always gets, and loved it. 

The takeaway? Brunch has cheap mimosas (win!), menudo (carnivorous people’s win!), and less than stellar healthy options (not so much win?). I’d gladly go back, sit on the patio, and enjoy the fall weather with a pitcher or two, while my partner, in his love for their soup, had a bowl or three. 

By the way, we could’ve stopped at the queso fundido. That dish was filling!

Brunch at Hillside Farmacy

I admit to being less than dazzled by Hillside Farmacy the first time I ate there, but a follow-up visit about a month later really won me over. Fresh seafood? Yes, please.

The cost of a cocktail is a bit on the pricey side, and the same goes for mimosas. If you have to have a drink with your breakfast (I know I do!) I think the carafe is the most affordable way to go. The orange juice is super pulpy, which I view as a mega-plus.

The croque monsieur (shown above) was a big hit with my partner. He had a pretty bad experience with a grilled cheese-like sandwich, the “dough well done,” on our first visit so I’d steer clear of that one. 

The smoked salmon was a hit with both of us, except for the cole slaw, which is a matter of personal preference. I HATE COLE SLAW!

As pretty as those boiled shrimp look, they weren’t really worth it. Don’t get me wrong, they taste fine. I just can’t justify what you get for the cost on that one. It’s extremely plain, but maybe you’ll be into it; who knows?

As adorable as the food and space are at this hip, little gem… I must confess that the seating is extremely uncomfortable and tables are painfully small. 

Pro-tip: They have half-off all oysters every Monday!

All in all, do I like Hillside? I love it! Grab that citrusy delicious crab salad and a carafe, and go have brunch!

Brunch at Blue Dahlia Bistro

Blue Dahlia Bistro is an east side gem with delicious offerings perfect for a weekend brunch.

Their famously delicious tartines (open-faced sandwiches) are truly divine. I had the salmon which was accented with lemon and dill, a very Swedish-like dish.

My partner had the meat and cheese plate, which alone would have been almost enough food for the both of us.

My favorite part of Blue Dahlia is the ambiance. I feel like I’m in a European cafe! The cheap mimosas on weekends, and weekday happy hours with $4 tartines, inexpensive beer, and wine as low as $3 a glass are close runner-ups.

If you’ve never been, go!

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