Buenos Aires: An Argentinean Asado


An asado is a coming together of friends over deliciously cooked meats, and other delicacies. In honor of Buenos Aires Cafe’s 10th anniversary, I got to experience my first asado at the Argentinean chef’s beautiful, countryside home.

Not only did I learn the authentic way to make hearty, buttery empanadas; I also learned that Fernet is the drink of choice for Argentineans, and that Argentina is the only place outside of Italy that Fernet is made!

In fact, I quickly realized that Argentina and Italy don’t just share a love of slightly bitter aperitifs, they also value the coming together of family over food.


After spending a lazy afternoon gorging myself on cheese and wine, it was time for the ‘real’ asado to begin. We sat outdoors near their expansive grill as plate after plate of blood sausages (insanely tasty!), sweetbreads, and other smoky meats appeared, and disappeared, before us.

We ended the day with the lightest of cookies, great conversation, and more-than-full bellies. As a longtime fan of Buenos Aires, I can safely say that the warmth you feel in their restaurant is very much an extension of what I experienced in their home.

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