Brunch at Russian House

Fish Delicacies at Russian House
Nestled between Eddie V’s and Rivals Steakhouse downtown you’ll find one of Austin’s newest bars with a surprisingly decadent menu. Forget bar food, this is authentic Russian, comrades!

Cocktail with Champagne, Vodka, & Berries

The breakfast drinks were $5 a piece, with the full menu offered (food AND drink-wise!). Have you seen the list of crazy vodka infusions that they do? You can have insane mixtures late at night or with brunch at Russian House! I strongly recommend having a designated driver if you feel compelled to start that early.

Decorations at Russian House

The entrance to Russian House features a taxidermied bear, Russian soldier costumes for you to wear in photos, and more Soviet kitsch than you can shake a sickle at. The adorable patio has hand painted strawberries on the ceiling, and in the back there’s a beaded curtain leading to an even cuter dining room. The middle is a vacant dance floor (unless you’re there at night).

The blinis (shown above) run about $3.50 and up, and come stuffed with various meats, cheeses, and even caviar. My partner went with the ham and cheese version.

Mashed Potatoes

The mashed potatoes were cheap as well, and very different from other mashed potatoes. They were somehow more dense and chewy.

The Virgin Mary?

The fish delicacy appetizer is about $15 and is more fish than one  person can handle. Two of the fish types were hot smoked, and one was cold smoked. The quality was good.

Sour Cream
They thew in a side of bread and sour cream that tasted more like creme fraiche, which I absolutely loved. My only complaint was that I wished they served more dill… and that the waitresses weren’t sort of dressed up like maids. That part was a bit weird for me.

Overall, I like Russian house. It’s weird, it’s kitsch, and the prices are completely fair. Go at night, go if you feel like clubbing, go for Sunday brunch, or even just go for lunch. They somehow manage to do it all without failing at any particular part of it.


Tour of Bone Spirits Distillery

Bone Spirits makes some pretty incredible alcohol just minutes (okay, maybe an hour?) outside of Austin. I got invited to see and taste the product that they’re making, and was more than surprised by the quality. If you know me, you know I drink A LOT, so my praise doesn’t come easily.

The distillery felt more like a sauna, but watching the process was really fun. They use corn that’s approved for human consumption (not all distilleries do that!), and source from local, organic farms whenever possible. Their obsession with quality is apparent in the final product, and though I’m not a fan of gin, their gin that’s hitting the shelves this fall is going to be número uno on my liquor store shopping list. By the way, the batch I tried had berries/botanicals that they and their kids picked themselves. It smelled like an Aveda store, but tasted like heaven.

I took a lot of notes during this tour and could bore you with the process (not that it’s boring coming from them), but I’d rather let you taste it for yourself. Bone makes a superior vodka, whiskey, moonshine, and gin, and I think you should definitely be on the look-out for it.