Jester King Brewery & Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza

Commercial Suicide by Jester King

Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza is the new, permanent food source on site at Jester King Craft Brewery. (Previously, it was all just temporary food trucks.) The new spot offers something patrons of Jester King have been wanting for a long time: the ability to buy bottles of beer to take home, something which Jester King is forbidden from doing themselves by the TABC.
The Penelope

Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza opens around 12:30, which gives you time to grab your lunch before the mad rush for brewery tours begins at 1. We showed up at 12:15 and people were already hungrily waiting to order their pies.
Here Comes The Airplane…
The Penelope was sparsely topped compared to most other pizzas. The focus wasn’t on a ton of sauce or cheese, but on a few quality ingredients. The peppery arugula was one of my favorite parts. My partner says that the crust was “thin, crispy, and delicious!” while I was ambivalent. I was in it for the fresh, colorful tomatoes that I wished they’d given us more of.

Wood Oven, Not The Greatest Photo I’ve Ever Taken
 The place is about as bare bones as it gets. The “kitchen” is surrounded by the bar, it lacks walls, and the bathrooms are an annexed (yet, very clean!) airstream trailer off to the side. Luckily, Texas is pretty temperate, at least this part, and the openness shouldn’t be a problem most of the year. It covers a large amount of space and several other tables brought children with them. Watching those kids run amok over the vast, open space made me realize that this is the perfect place for small ones. It’s big enough to where little ones playing chase won’t bother any other patrons.

Jester King Brewery Tasting
 This wasn’t my first rodeo at Jester King’s brewery. My partner and I have been coming for ages, and think the $10 for 8 samples are ample, generous, and the perfect way to relax on a Saturday. The place gets PACKED. So I’d shoot for arriving as close to opening as possible, if not a few minutes before. You get to play games like corn hole, listen to some decent live bands, and take home the glass when you’re finished.


Sherpalux Afternoon Tour

Spartan Pizza
Sherpalux invited us out for an afternoon tour of the city, and though all attending were Austin natives, there were a few new and delicious discoveries for the group.
East 6th Trailer Park
Our first stop: food trucks! Three samples from different restaurants were offered. The samples weren’t huge, but they did the trick.
The Spartan from Spartan Pizza
 The vegetarian options were a bit more limited, but Spartan Pizza came through with several tantalizing choices to appease me.

The Zeus from Spartan Pizza
My carnivorous partner lucked out with The Zeus. That slice contained olive oil, bacon, spinach, and fresh mozzarella. 

The Balboa from Way South Philly

Way South Philly was next up at the trailer park. The owner spoke with great passion about what makes a truly authentic Philly cheese steak, and you may be surprised to learn that a main ingredient is Cheez Whiz. 

The Adrian from Way South Philly
Canned “cheez” aside, they had a pretty decent vegan option. Grilled vegetables, good bread, and the option to add hot sauce (an option I strongly endorse). It was simple, healthy, and good.

Cookies from Cool Haus
We finished off the food portion of our tour with tasty bites from Cool Haus. They brought out the cookies first, one being a vegan option, and added the ice cream later. This made sense to everyone except for my partner, who ate our cookies as soon as they were set down. 

The ice cream sandwich concept was lost on him.

Mean-Eyed Cat
After a brief shopping trip on South Congress, with a quintessentially Austin stop at Continental Club, we hopped over to Clarksville for one last drink at Mean-Eyed Cat.

The tour was fun, and something I would definitely recommend to the Austin newcomer, or out-of-town guest.

Brunch at Sagra

Sagra is best known for their half-off pizza happy hour (5-6:30), but we decided to stop in for Sunday brunch. I think it’s safe to say that it’s now one of my partner’s favorite brunch spots in town.

They started us off with a massive basket of delicious breads. In search of slightly healthy fare, I decided to order smoked fish (shown above).

Most of the menu was egg-centric, but some truly Italian dishes were also offered. Wood-fired pizza for breakfast? They have it.

Same goes for carbonara.

The biggest draw to Sagra for brunch would have to be the $1 mimosas and bellinis. 

If you’re looking for a nice meal in a cozy house off the beaten path of downtown Austin, go to Sagra.