Happy Hour at Olive & June

Torta Napoletana
Olive & June offers half-off antipasti and cocktails from 5-6:30. Its location near 34th Street means you don’t have to stress about parking; the complimentary valet means parking is a snap.

Farm Egg
 The farm egg was one of my favorite dishes. It had enough butter to make Paula Dean go “Whoa!” and it tasted too good for me to worry about the calories. The mushrooms added a nice earthiness. This is something not to be missed.

Aperol Spritz
Negroni. Obviously.
 The cocktails were well made, but some were on the smaller side. Trust me, I sampled just about every cocktail they had. (I was doing it for science!)

White Anchovy Crostini
 The crostinis are just $2.25 each, and we really enjoyed the anchovy ones. A lot of the dishes under Piccoli Piatti section had impossible to understand Italian names. My dining partner, that I brought out for her birthday, had previously lived in Florence. Even she had trouble deciphering what some of the plate names meant. It made it a little awkward when talking to the server. “Can you tell me what one means? And that one… I also would like to know what the heck this item is…”

Torta Napoletana
I almost forgot to mention the torta! Also delicious. I think I was more excited about the garnishes than the dish itself. I love olives.

Overall, I like Olive & June. It has the most perfect of perfect patios, and the food really is good. We only had an antipasti plate and a crostini each, but we were full. Despite items being 50% off, I still wound up spending over $50. Maybe I shouldn’t have had all those cocktails?


Brunch at Sagra

Sagra is best known for their half-off pizza happy hour (5-6:30), but we decided to stop in for Sunday brunch. I think it’s safe to say that it’s now one of my partner’s favorite brunch spots in town.

They started us off with a massive basket of delicious breads. In search of slightly healthy fare, I decided to order smoked fish (shown above).

Most of the menu was egg-centric, but some truly Italian dishes were also offered. Wood-fired pizza for breakfast? They have it.

Same goes for carbonara.

The biggest draw to Sagra for brunch would have to be the $1 mimosas and bellinis. 

If you’re looking for a nice meal in a cozy house off the beaten path of downtown Austin, go to Sagra.