Beer Pairing: Central Market + Brooklyn Brewery

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Nothing says summer quite like burgers and beer, but Central Market decided to take it one step further with a multi-course beer pairing featuring selections from the acclaimed Brooklyn Brewery.

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It was admittedly my first time at the Central Market Cooking School, but I had a pretty good idea of what to expect. We were provided with menus, recipes, and an in-depth guide to the beer that we were about to sample. First course: Grapefruit, Asparagus & Pecorino Salad paired with Brooklyn Pennant Ale ’55. The Brooklyn Brewery representative, a very experienced brew master, mentioned that this beer was English-style, and my English partner agreed.

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Next up, we learned how to prepare Lobster Chorizo Pasta. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s lobster that is cooked alongside chorizo, and not some mysterious, new seafood-sausage dish. The beer for this plate was the Local 1, a delicious Belgian-style beer that’s fermented inside the bottle (like Champagne!). This was probably my favorite thing both food and drink-wise of the night.

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After further stuffing ourselves with burgers and Brooklyn Summer Ale, we moved on to a presentation on how to prepare Lamb Scottadito, meanwhile learning the proper way to taste beer between each plate.

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The lamb was served with a dark, brown ale; a contrast to the East India Pale Ale that we were about to sample both inside and outside of our crepes.

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The final course came around, and surprisingly we didn’t explode before it arrived. The crepes themselves had beer as an ingredient, and we were taught the short, but painstaking process it takes to prepare such a delicate dish. The beer proved to not be painfully hoppy, which was a pleasant surprise. If you’d like to catch one of these dinners near you, be sure to check out Central Market’s website. And if you don’t have a Central Market nearby, you’re still sure to have easy access to a delicious array of Brooklyn Brewery beers.

Jester King Brewery & Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza

Commercial Suicide by Jester King

Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza is the new, permanent food source on site at Jester King Craft Brewery. (Previously, it was all just temporary food trucks.) The new spot offers something patrons of Jester King have been wanting for a long time: the ability to buy bottles of beer to take home, something which Jester King is forbidden from doing themselves by the TABC.
The Penelope

Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza opens around 12:30, which gives you time to grab your lunch before the mad rush for brewery tours begins at 1. We showed up at 12:15 and people were already hungrily waiting to order their pies.
Here Comes The Airplane…
The Penelope was sparsely topped compared to most other pizzas. The focus wasn’t on a ton of sauce or cheese, but on a few quality ingredients. The peppery arugula was one of my favorite parts. My partner says that the crust was “thin, crispy, and delicious!” while I was ambivalent. I was in it for the fresh, colorful tomatoes that I wished they’d given us more of.

Wood Oven, Not The Greatest Photo I’ve Ever Taken
 The place is about as bare bones as it gets. The “kitchen” is surrounded by the bar, it lacks walls, and the bathrooms are an annexed (yet, very clean!) airstream trailer off to the side. Luckily, Texas is pretty temperate, at least this part, and the openness shouldn’t be a problem most of the year. It covers a large amount of space and several other tables brought children with them. Watching those kids run amok over the vast, open space made me realize that this is the perfect place for small ones. It’s big enough to where little ones playing chase won’t bother any other patrons.

Jester King Brewery Tasting
 This wasn’t my first rodeo at Jester King’s brewery. My partner and I have been coming for ages, and think the $10 for 8 samples are ample, generous, and the perfect way to relax on a Saturday. The place gets PACKED. So I’d shoot for arriving as close to opening as possible, if not a few minutes before. You get to play games like corn hole, listen to some decent live bands, and take home the glass when you’re finished.

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