Troy & Sons Blonde Whiskey


I love getting mail. I live for subscription boxes, pen pals, and Amazon Prime; so it should come as no surprise that I was absolutely beside myself when I found a truly beautiful box of whiskey waiting for me at my door.


This gift didn’t come by chance, I actually had the pleasure of meeting the maker, Troy of Troy & Sons, just weeks before at a fantastic food and whiskey pairing hosted by Blackbird & Henry. Female entrepreneurs always inspire me, and Troy was no exception. She was warm, friendly, and willing to answer all of my pesky questions. I was impressed by the ways Blackbird mixed up her various spirits, and particularly liked the margarita made with platinum whiskey. I’m blonde, so perhaps I’m partial, but my favorite is the blonde whiskey. It smells and tastes of honey, and goes down straight without that sharp bite. The Troy & Sons motto is ‘A Kinder Spirit,’ and it shows through in both their product and their people.


Tour of Bone Spirits Distillery

Bone Spirits makes some pretty incredible alcohol just minutes (okay, maybe an hour?) outside of Austin. I got invited to see and taste the product that they’re making, and was more than surprised by the quality. If you know me, you know I drink A LOT, so my praise doesn’t come easily.

The distillery felt more like a sauna, but watching the process was really fun. They use corn that’s approved for human consumption (not all distilleries do that!), and source from local, organic farms whenever possible. Their obsession with quality is apparent in the final product, and though I’m not a fan of gin, their gin that’s hitting the shelves this fall is going to be número uno on my liquor store shopping list. By the way, the batch I tried had berries/botanicals that they and their kids picked themselves. It smelled like an Aveda store, but tasted like heaven.

I took a lot of notes during this tour and could bore you with the process (not that it’s boring coming from them), but I’d rather let you taste it for yourself. Bone makes a superior vodka, whiskey, moonshine, and gin, and I think you should definitely be on the look-out for it.

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