Prelog’s: A Modern European Restaurant


I’ve always considered myself an honorary European. I was mostly raised by a German, briefly lived in England, and have dated more Swedish people that I’d care to admit. (Nobody knows why! It just keeps happening!) Having said that, I’d say it’s safe to assume that upon hearing about about Prelog’s, and their European-inspired menu, I had to go!


Now, I admit I had been putting it off due to a busy schedule, but once I caught wind of an Instagram meet-up being held there, it was official. My overdue trip to Prelog’s was officially going to happen.


The staff graciously greeted our groups with refreshing cocktails, and delicious food bites. I particularly loved their Hail Mary, which is a bright, lively take on the traditional ‘brunch drink’ that can be enjoyed at any time of day. In addition to that we tasted brussels sprouts with crispy capers, thick fries, char thoughtfully prepared with green apple and beets, and of course, more.


We ended with good conversation, envy-inducing Instagram photos, smoky drinks (with actual smoke!) and a solid understanding of the passion put into the plates by the couple who both owns and runs the business. I should mention that they’re Austrian, so naturally I liked them ;). There aren’t a lot of places like this in Austin, and given the slow, slow descent into fall we have, there’s still plenty of time to enjoy their beautiful patio one day soon. (You should go today.)

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