Austin’s Best Taco Joints: The Instagram Edition


It may come as a shock that I’ve eaten (and Instagrammed) a lot of tacos in my 13 years of living here. Sure, I mostly take them sans-tortilla, but they’re damn good either way. Here’s a look at my shots of the spots that every taco fan should try.

Let’s start with the obvious: Torchy’s Tacos are tasty, inventive, and well-beloved by all. If you meet someone that doesn’t like them, don’t trust that person.


They’re not just famous for tacos; their queso is arguably the best in town. An added bonus: You can B-Y-O to their trailer park location, and who says you can only have tacos with beer?

Mellizoz is another happening location in South Austin. I think I’ve worked my way through the entire menu, and I’ve never been let down.


The food tastes fresh, and they they oblige my pesky, “Can I get it on vegetables instead of tortillas?” demands (when I make them).

Their truck is located next to the ever-popular Gourdough’s, and it makes for one hell of a decadent feast. Whatever they’re is putting in that green sauce, I hope they keep it up. That stuff is fiery, and addictive.


I’ll be you’ve never heard of Rosita’s Al Pastor, and let’s keep it that way! (Well, just between you and me – I don’t want long lines to start forming.)

In the words of Ron Swanson they have a, “meat tornado” of al pastor cooking around the clock. The tortillas are made in house, and it’s the best kept secret in town. Everyone in the know swears by it. Don’t tell all your friends.

It’s a crying shame that I don’t have better photos of Fresa’s, or at last one of Taco Deli in my Instagram history. Both are spectacular, make incredible sauces, and are equal breakfast taco go-to’s for me, depending on which part of town I wake up in. If you haven’t tried the Doña Sauce at Taco Deli, then you haven’t truly lived yet.


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