Coconutz Mix: Local, Paleo, and Even Vegan


I’m a sucker for sweets, which means that going low-carb last February meant sacrificing the things I loved the most. Living for the past year on cream cheese and Splenda desserts wasn’t only unhealthy, I was also feeling really deprived in the “guilty pleasures” department. Thankfully, Valerie Figlin felt my pain, and created a low-sugar treat of her own: Coconutz Mix.


I heard about the snack from a vegan friend who knew Valerie, and absolutely loved what she was making. As soon as I saw the tasty, coconut-y goodness in her photos, I knew I had to reach out and nab some of my own.


I was lucky enough to meet Valerie in person, and her enthusiasm for healthy, delicious food is obvious. She gave me a few ideas of what to do with the mix, and I followed those (as a cereal with almond milk) and added my own (mixed into PB Fit). She has a slightly spicy blend, and a more “plain” flavor. I love that they’re chock-full of healthy delights, made here in Austin, and are mixed up with delicious, guilt-free pleasures like cacao nibs. Whether you’re Atkins, paleo, vegan, keto, or just plain hungry… Grab a bag!

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