Food Find: Salata


Healthy lunch options can be few and far between in North Austin, especially if you’re adhering to phase 1 of the Atkin’s diet. (It’s working great! I can fit into things I thought I’d never be able to wear again!) It was just my luck, rambling about my diet at a fancy party near downtown, that I ran into the owner of Salata, a fresh, healthy restaurant that lets customers completely customize their salads just minutes from where I work. 


When I went in to check it out, I was amazed at the abundance of vegetables, cheese, and protein. The space is clean and bright, and the prices of the salads stay the same no matter how many toppings you add, with a few obvious exceptions for things such as meat or avocado. Their website is easy to navigate with regards to nutritional values, and things like that make life a million times easier for dieters like me.


I walked out with a salad that weighed no less than 50 pounds (okay, maybe not 50 pounds), for what I assume was about half the cost the same amount of food would be from the Whole Foods salad bar. If you’re looking for something satisfying, delicious, and very diet-friendly, then you must swing by Salata on your next lunch break. Since I’ve mentioned it, my other colleagues  have gone, and everyone absolutely loves it.

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