Recap: The Gelato World Tour


It’s incredible to think that Austin was the only North American stop on the Gelato World Tour. Our “big, small town” was listed amongst cities such as Rome and Shanghai for this tour.


Representing Austin was Teo’s own Matthew Lee, who took home 3rd prize this past weekend, and will be continuing on to Italy to compete in the finals. I got to try his award-winning flavor, “Nuts,” which was a delicious blend of hazelnut and peanut butter.


My partner acted as my official gelato taster, and hand model on this excursion, though I did allow myself a few small tastes (especially of Lee’s creation.)


There were flavors such as, “Raspberry Beet,” and “Candied Bacon.” A Houston-based gelato shop, Sweet Cup Gelato & Espresso, even brought the tastes of bourbon and cardamom with their creation. Though the cardamom was strong, the gelato was intriguing (and a personal fave).


As you can see, the portion sizes were generous. We originally planned to try every single flavor on the list, but questioned that decision at about halfway through. (I told my partner not to finish the entire thing on each one, but he did not take my advice!)


 The sun was hot, but our samples disappeared long before melting.


If you happen to be in Italy in October, try to catch the last leg of the tour. Otherwise, make a trip to Teo and taste world-class gelato here in Austin.

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