Swedish Potato Leek Soup Recipe

Swedish Potato Leek Soup
I don’t often cook, hence every other blog post being about restaurant happy hours, but a long time ago, in a far away land (back when I lived in England) I learned how to make an especially delicious, inexpensive soup. My live-in Swedish boyfriend at the time had his mother, Ragnhild, teach it to us. We ate it often.

Potato Leek Soup Ingedients
 It had been so many years that I was a little murky as to what ingredients it contained. I went ahead and bought:

Black Pepper (get the kind you crack)
Heavy Whipping Cream
Vegetable Bouillon
3 Leeks
 Bag of Potatoes
(Don’t worry about the onion or garlic shown, I remembered that they’re not part of it before we began.)

Thinly Sliced Potatoes
I accidentally made a runny mess, then corrected it (I’ll give you tips on how to avoid that at the end of the post). Here’s a run down on how to do it the right way from the start, feel free to play with it and adjust quantities to suit your needs. I’ve made it for 1 before, using just 2-3 potatoes (it did make more than 1 serving, of course). The key is having barely any water covering your vegetables. I mean that. Not even 1/4″ or the consistency will be that of water. Take these directions lightly and adjust accordingly:
1. Peel and thinly slice 9 medium sized potatoes
2. Add potatoes to about 2 quarts of boiling water (with about 3 bouillon cubes)
3. Cut the leeks almost in half lengthwise from just above the base to ends, rinse with warm water until dirt is removed from the the inner leaves
4. Thinly slice leeks. I like to use it all the way up to about halfway through the dark green parts
5. Add leeks to the boiling potatoes and reduce heat, simmer until soft
6. Test potatoes to see if they are easily mashed, then manually mash in the pot (you should probably have the heat on low at this point)
7. Add a whopping dollop of heavy whipping cream
8. Lots of salt and pepper to taste. An extreme amount of fresh black pepper is my favorite way to enjoy. 
I recommend letting each person season their own bowl, since not everyone likes it the way I do.
Very Thick Soup
As I mentioned before, I did make a slight error on my first go at making the soup today. Here’s a run down of where things went awry: 

6 potatoes, 2 leeks, and over 2 quarts of water (way too much water!)
I corrected that by taking 3 potatoes and 1 leek into a separate pot with a little vegetable bouillon. Once boiled, I drained them and added them to the original pot and mashed. The soup was then perfect! And you’ll note that I adjusted the amounts in the “proper directions” at the top, but the important thing is to test and adjust on your own. There’s not really a proper science to this dish, so don’t take the amounts too literally.

I hope you enjoy!

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