Happy Hour at Bar-Chi

If you haven’t had happy hour (or the even more famous, reverse happy hour) at Bar Chi, well… Now you know. Go!

They have a ton of rolls, which are the real way to go for value, and hot saké so cheap that you’re guaranteed to text your ex by the time you head out.

Is the fish quality to die for? No. It isn’t Uchi, and you aren’t paying Uchi pricing, but for the buck? It’s the best damn sushi you can afford.

The bar staff is incredibly kind, and I’m a huge fan of the spicy saké mary (extra spicy). 

With nigiri prices as low as $1.50, enough pickled ginger for you to start channeling Ginger Spice (Girl power!), and so many cheap saké/cocktail options (avoid the wine) that you can easily land yourself  in YouTube fame/shame history after a few? 

Get thee to Bar Chi now! (or rather for happy hour, which is 3-7 Monday-Saturday, all day Sunday, and reverse from 10-12 Thursday-Saturday.)

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