My Favorite Mimosa Deals

self portrait
self portrait

Who doesn’t love a good deal on an excuse to day drink mimosas? It’s not alcoholism, it’s brunch. Also, if you’re like me in the sense that you can go for a mimosa anytime, any place, you’re in good hands! Here’s my list of go-to places for our favorite sparkling bevearge on weekends, and every other day of the week:

Sunday Funday

The Park: Enjoy $1 mimosas in 5 different flavors until 5! There’s also a $5 Grey Goose bloody Mary bar, and optional $16 brunch buffet.

Wu Chow: Pair their tantalizing dim sum offerings with $1 mimosas from 11-3 on Sunday.

my take on VOX Table
my take on VOX Table


El Sapo: Burger Brunch is their monthly event (1/15, 2/12, 3/12) with DJs, burger deals, $1 mimosas, and other drink specials.

Bangers: The ‘Manmosa’ may be $10, but that’s because it’s an entire damn bottle of bubbly. Well worth the cost, though sadly limit 1 per customer.

VOX Table: With an approachably priced upscale menu, this place offers both $1 and $3 mimosas, with a slight variance in the quality of  sparkling wine.

Isla: Tropically inspired mimosas are $5, but the real draw for me is the delicious food offering from 11-3. Don’t expect your typical eggs and pancakes, but get ready for delicacies from the islands like scallop cebiche.


Blue Dahlia:  You can grab $2 mimosas anytime, or make it a pint-sized double for $4. Pair that with their weekday happy hour from 3-6:30 which boasts heavily discounted tartines, and you’re in for one hell of an afternoon.

Bouldin Creek: Regularly sized mimosas are $3, but you can upgrade to a large for just $5.



El Chile: Brunch isn’t just for weekends! El Chile has a daily brunch from 11-3 (then immediately rolls into happy hour). The $4 ‘Big Ass Mimosa’ is incredibly large, though they do add ice to it.

Kerbey Lane: This 24 hour cafe offers $2 mimosas and $12 carafes.


2017 Schmezolutions: Food, Drinks, & Fun!


Photo by El Sapo
Photo by El Sapo

Everyone’s screaming, “New year, new me!” and I’m sitting here with a mimosa waiting on the ‘resolutioneers’ to leave my gym. It’s called balance, people! Let’s be realistic, food is fun! Drinks are fun! Socializing is fun! Just because the holidays stopped, doesn’t mean that living has to. Here’s my roundup of the best food-related, wine-related, cocktail-related, and just plain fun (mostly free) events that are coming up.

It’ll be First Thursday on January 5th! First Thursday is when the shops on South Congress (typically) stay open late, offer refreshments in store, and South Congress Hotel throws a huge, albeit often crowded party. There’s also an art reception going down at Dimension Gallery from 6-8 that promises incredible sculptures, and free beverages.

Friday the 6th kicks off with a closing reception at Art for the People. Did I mention there’s also a free Burgundy tasting hosted by Glazer’s at that? Well, now I did. Chi’Lantro’s new location will be having free food and drinks with donations to some great charities. Also, shout out to my vegan friends: Vegan Nom is doing a special all weekend with ‘brisket barbecue’ and mac-n-cheese. For my pescatarians: All you can eat sushi, yakitori, and sashimi every Friday at Pacific Rim! Without sashimi it’s $29, with sashimi it’s just $5 more.

Sundays are always fun days, so mix up your brunch with El Sapo’s Burger Brunch: $1 mimosas, $5 bloodies, and a lineup of DJs. Speaking of brunch options, VOX is extending their brunch for one day only, this day, and it’s till 4 people. I’ve seen photos of brunches there. It looks amazing.

Monday doesn’t mean the party has to end. Hotel Vegas is throwing a post-election pity party complete with junk food, Juiceland, and bands. PJs (or sweats) are required, and there’s a $3 suggested donation to Planned Parenthood at the door. I see nothing wrong with any of this, though admittedly don’t own sweat pants.

Kimchi! Kimchi! Kimchi! On Thursday the 12th, check out this amazing, hands-on Kitchen Underground class on Home Fermentation. Word on the street is, there will be cocktails, snackies, and you definitely get to take home your own jar of kimchi.

Saturday night is a date night for most, and on the 14th you have got to check out what Antonelli’s is doing. For $110 (that covers 2 people) you will have composed cheese plates, charcuterie boards, fancy chocolates, and various other sweets.

Wednesday, the 18th, Craftsman will be hosting a $15 beer and cheese pairing class that sounds well worth the cost: 5-3 oz pours, 3 cheeses, crackers, and dried fruits.

Imagine a free Italian wine tasting. Got that visualized? Well, on Thursday the 19th you can have it at Italic from 4:30-6:30. There will also be a pop-up dinner, and a ton of a la carte items.

Get to El Chile on Tuesday, the 24th for an art reception, tequila samples, and $5 margarita specials from 7-9.

What the hell, Edible Austin? This Bacon and Beer Festival on Saturday the 28th sounds a-ma-zing (strap on some Uggs, and read that in a super white girl voice). It’s not just bacon. It’s a ton of local places making things with bacon. The list includes places like Fukumoto Sushi, Amy’s Ice Cream, Frank, Canon + Belle, plus several more! Even better, check out the list of beer providers.

So, you’re visiting my town: The Food Edition


I meet a lot of tourists on Tinder. I know that’s a weird thing to admit, but I find it entertaining. I can’t open that ridiculous app without seeing 200 new messages from: Australians on road trips, British businessmen, touring musicians, or software engineers from out of town throwing a bachelor party. For a while, I would share my nightlife guide of where to go out (which I still recommend), but more often than not I get asked about where to eat. Well, guy-likely-holding-up-some-animal-he-killed-in-his-profile-photo, here’s your guide:

Torchy’s Tacos

Everyone wants to know where they ‘have to’ go. That’s subjective, since you may have a certain price range, or food style that you want. I am seasoned enough to know that everyone wants tacos, and barbecue when they come. Fair enough! I get it. Tacos are amazing.


I would definitely start at Torchy’s Tacos. Get the queso. Don’t question me. Just get it. President Obama ate there, and he didn’t get the queso. It broke my heart. Also, it’s best to go to the truck on South 1st. BYO? You know it. I’d say Mellizoz, and Taco Deli are also great in their own right, but Torchy’s is special. Ask for some diablo sauce, and if you ask for anything to be made ‘trashy’ they remove the lettuce, and add queso. Another great stop is Veracruz All Natural which is just up the road from La Barbecue.

Torchy’s Tacos

I will not name names, but I cringe when tourists consistently tell me they have been to _________ Barbecue, and loved it. No! That is not good barbecue. Why do you all go there?! Who is spreading lies that you should go to this place?! WHY!? Again, I’ll never tell you which place it is, but if you feel compelled to go there, and it’s not Franklin or La Barbecue, then definitely reconsider what you’re about to do. Yes, the rumors about the Franklin line are true, but it’s part of the charm. You bring a bunch of booze, show up around 8 in the morning, and proceed to get hammered for the next 3 hours. La Barbecue is going to be a lot easier to get into, and there’s a lot of debate about which one is best.

Brunch at Odd Duck

In my last guide, I talked a lot about the food trucks you can find on East 6th. There’s some incredible Asian food, and a very famous pizza truck connected to one of my go-to dive bars. If that appeals to you, and it should, refer back to that.


Now, onto my favorite part: FANCY FOOD. Don’t get scared yet! I know the touring musicians just clicked away from this page, but the British businessmen with company cards know what I’m talking about. (Also, I totally will tell you when the happy hour is, so don’t panic – if I can afford it, you can too).


Austin is home to the number one sushi restaurant in the country. That’s right. Yes, I know we’re not near water, and you’re not the first person to inform me of that. I get it. You’re surprised. Uchiko has got to be my favorite place on earth, and their daily happy hour is 5-6:30. Sit at the bar, and prepare to be blown away. They’re fresh, inventive, and worth it. If you’re reading this, and want to take me there? You should. #rly #yarly #srsly

Odd Duck

Another incredible spot is Odd Duck, and if you’re looking for a life-changing brunch, this is the spot for you. They also have a happy hour, and happen to be next to Uchi, the sister restaurant to my beloved Uchiko. If you’re situated on the east side (like me!) then I highly recommend Launderette.


Now, keep in mind that there are hundreds and hundreds of other restaurants around, but these are the ones that I like, and for good reason. I would say Uchiko is my ‘must,’ but this is your trip, and you do you! There are many other wonderful restaurants that specialize in specific food types such as: Barlata for tapas, Clark’s Oyster Bar/Perla’s for incredible seafood, and the renowned Ramen Tatsu-Ya for, well… that’s obvious. I’m sure that I left a lot out, but this is a good guide to get you started. I hope it helped out, and yes, you can buy me a drink.

Celebrate Dad at Estância

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Spend this Father’s Day weekend at Estância, and receive a gift card to use at a future date! Delicious food? Check. Upscale environment? Check. Sure to impress dad? Check. Bonus gift for you? Check!

On Preak: Reinventing the Black Eyed Susan

Maker's Mark

Nothing can truly top Kentucky bourbon, or the Kentucky Derby, but we can’t ignore the fresh seafood, or exhilarating Preakness Stakes in Maryland. Recently, I took up a challenge to reinvent the classic Preakness Cocktail, The Black Eyed Susan, but with Maker’s Mark bourbon. The best of both worlds! Adding to the recipe my own easy-on-the-sugar twist, I think you’ll be fan.

Maker's Mark

This recipe can be easily edited to suit your tastes, though prepared my way will turn lean itself more to the tart and zesty side. Just how I like it! Here’s how to make the cocktail:

  • 1 shot Maker’s Mark
  • 1/4 shot Paula’s Texas Orange Liqueur (or any orange liqueur)
  • Squeeze of 1/2 Cara Cara or Blood Orange
  • Lemon wedge
  • Sparkling water (lemon/orange flavored works well!)

Add the first set of ingredients to a tumbler filled with ice, filling the glass the rest of the way up with sparkling water. Feel free to add more juice or liqueur. Heck, if you’re me, you’ll likely be adding another half shot of bourbon! Bottoms up, and may the odds be ever in your horse’s favor.

Note: I received bourbon samples without payment to make this blog post. Recipe and opinions are all 100% by me.

Speak Easily: Milonga Room


The folks behind Buenos Aires Cafe have opened a dark, intimate, and romantic speakeasy just below their east Austin location.


Dubbed Milonga Room, this rustic (and faaaaancy) cocktail bar provides a secret retreat from the frantic static of the nightlife venues above.


The menu boasts handcrafted cocktails, focuses heavily on Fernet, and even has a spectacular wine selection. The vintage furniture, obsessive attention to detail, and and serene 1920s vibe make this the ideal date spot. As with any speakeasy, the door is password protected. Be sure to follow Milonga Room on social media for access to their South American Prohibition-era oasis.

The City Guide to Cocktails


It’s that time again! The Austin Food Blogger Alliance has released the best damn guide to where to eat and drink in Austin, and I have once again taken on the laborious task of writing about cocktails. I expect a thank you card from each and every one of you after what I put my liver through. (I loved every minute of it!)

Bribery Bakery, Photo by Arianna Trevino
Bribery Bakery, Photo by Arianna Trevino

Bribery Bakery 1900 Simond Avenue  Austin, TX

A colorful, whimsical bakery with an array of tasty, fruit-forward cocktails. If you’re hanging out near Mueller, it’s definitely worth a try even for the ambiance alone! Happy hour is weekdays from 3-6 with $2 off all cocktails, beer and wine.

The Townsend

The Townsend 718 Congress Avenue Austin, TX

This elegant space has got to be 1 of my top 5 cocktail experiences, ever. Maybe top 3. Okay, definitely top 3. The space is luxurious, the staff are masterful in their knowledge and ability, and they even have delicious food. One of my favorite cocktails there is the Bottom Buzzer, which is even adorned with a delicate pink flower. The Townsend has an obsession with detail, and it shows. If you’re looking for a great cocktail experience, then definitely come here. (Also, I know I’m not supposed to be talking about food, but they serve some of the most tender octopus in town.)

The Townsend

Nightcap  1401 W 6th St, Austin, TX

One of the newest, and most impressive spots in town. This adorably renovated house feels modern, sleek, and even somehow cozy. The cocktails are as easy on the eyes as they are on the lips. The Honeymoon Suite may look like it’ll taste like dessert, but it brings a delicate balance with the tart dried berries they sprinkle atop to make it appear like rose petals on sheets. Their Legs in the Air cocktail (they like to have fun the with the names) adds a lovely herbal note with violet, and the I Would Hit That is perhaps their most visually arresting.

Nightcap’s Honeymoon Suite

Small Victory 108 East 7th Street Austin, TX

An intimate speakeasy tucked away downtown. The space is small, but never feels crowded, and the bartenders truly know their stuff.

Whisler's Taven's Eastside Queen
Whisler’s Taven’s Eastside Queen

Whisler’s Tavern 1816 E 6th St, Austin, TX

It appears unassuming, but the interior is absolutely breathtaking at this craft cocktail bar. Expect amazing drinks, and equally exceptional food trucks at this slightly off-the-beaten-path bar.

Weather Up 1808 East Cesar Chavez Street Austin TX

Infinitely secretive, and hardly advertised, this place draws the crowd that wants to be ‘in the know.’ The cocktails are expertly crafted, and they have an obsession with ice, which clearly works in their favor.

Midnight Cowboy 313 East 6th Street Austin, TX

This small, luxe space was formerly occupied by a massage parlor, hence the name. Mystery abounds, reservations are practically mandatory, and this bar eschews loud, club-like scenes for intimate booths with cart service; you get your drink made table side, and the bartenders truly know their stuff.


Techo 2201 Manor Rd, Austin, TX

This intimate mezcaleria offers balanced, artfully crafted cocktails. The menu boasts over 20 mezcals currently, and the owners tirelessly obsess over the quality of their products, and take great care in carefully curating their selection. There’s a great patio, and I consider this bar to be one of the best kept secrets in town.

Techo, Photo by Nicolai McCrary
Techo, Photo by Nicolai McCrary

The Hightower 1209 East 7th Street Austin, TX

This spot, known mostly for their incredible food, also boasts an incredible cocktail program. Many of the current offerings are perfect for the patio, including their Tequila Fresa Press, and wine gimlets. I personally love the Oaxahappened, a smoky mezcal cocktail with salt bitters.

The Hightower
The Hightower

El Sapo 1900 Manor Road austin, TX

This tasty burger spot offers more than just frozen margaritas. Their impressive cocktail program includes several creations made with house-infused spirits, including the tequila-based El Cucuy which is infused with jalapeños. If you’re looking for something balanced and light, look no further than their cucumber and gin drink, the Sureño.

El Sapo’s El Cucuy

Barley Swine 6555 Burnet Road Austin, TX

Beverage manager, Robert Stevens, has created a menu using seasonal ingredients from local farms. Many of the components, including shrubs and sodas, are made in house. Select drinks are available for their Swine Time happy hour Monday-Thursday from 5-6:30.

Garage Bar 503 Colorado Street Austin, TX

This absolutely hidden space (it’s inside a parking garage) is worth the hunt. The space is dark, sexy, and their upscale drinks list will appease any liquid appetite.

Isla 208 West 4th Street Austin, TX

Isla’s Caribbean cantina makes the best Daiquiris and  Mai Tais in town, with several delicious creations of their own. They have an impressive selection of rums, and do offer flights. Happy hour runs all night on Wednesday and 4-7 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.


Peche 208 West 4th Street Austin, TX

Peche (next door to Isla) is known for absinthe, and pre-prohibition cocktails with a twist. Not sure what to order? Tell the bartender what flavors you usually like, and they’re sure to make you something you’ll love. Happy hour (all night Sunday and Monday, and 4-7 Tuesday-Friday) offers $5 select cocktails. 

Roosevelt Room  307 West 5th Street Austin, TX

This place was named Austin’s Best New Cocktail Bar 2015 by Thrillist. The menu celebrates the 7 major drinking eras since the cocktail’s birth in the 1800s. Don’t stop at the downstairs bar, there’s also an intimate lounge upstairs. Happy hour is all night Tuesday, and 5-7 any other day.

School House Pub’s Extra Credit

School House Pub 2207 Manor Road Austin, TX

This unassuming pub offers more than just elevated bar fare, they also have a solid selection of specialty cocktails that you can get for $2 off from 3-7. I recently had the Extra Credit which had just a hint of sweetness to match a slightly bitter flavor, and was balanced all around.



Estância Churrascaria: Because Meat is the Language of Love


Estância Churrascaria is a Brazilian steakhouse with an endless salad bar, and delectable cuts of meat.


They don’t stop at beef: there’s also pork, poultry, sausage, lamb, and an intoxicating (get it!) wine list. Do you need any more reasons to go? Well, I’ve got you covered…


Dine in this Friday-Sunday, and get a complimentary gift card to use later! Now you have an excuse to have deliciously prepared proteins not once, but twice! Besides, I’m a huge fan of any excuse to celebrate Valentine’s Day (since, you know, it’s my birthday and all). 😉

Rocksbox: A Sparkling Subscription


Do you cycle through jewelry more than you do Tinder matches? Fret not, my friend, thanks to Rocksbox you can try, buy, or send back jewelry items in the blink of an eye.


For just $19/month you get a curated box handpicked by a stylist. You can browse their collection and ‘favorite’ things you like, and more often than not you’ll get at least one of those items! The more you review, the more personalized your box gets.


If you love an item, you get to purchase it at a discounted price; or you can simply return the box, and get a fresh set of things to try! I like that I can send it back whenever I want, though I did find it hard to part with some pieces. (I should’ve just bought them with the discount!)


The pieces are by known designers, with fashion-forward reputations. If you like to try before you buy, then this is the box for you!

How to Spend An Epic Day on E. Cesar Chavez


You may have visited E. 6th for the numerous restaurants and bars, but have you considered going a few streets down? This is my very walkable guide to having an epic, though possibly intoxicated day on a street near and dear to my heart. Take a bus there, and Uber back. Problem solved! Let’s start…


Kick things off with a mimosa at Cenote. It’s at the far end of E. 1st, and near IH-35. You’ll grab some mimosas, maybe some snacks, and enjoy the patio. It gets packed though, so be competitive. If someone’s getting up, you better set up camp ASAP. Once you’ve got your morning buzz going (caffeine or booze), pack up and walk to the Blue Cat Cafe. You’ll get to snuggle adoptable buddies, who’ll probably be more interested in sleeping than touching you, and check out about a million cat toys. There’s a vegan food truck attached, so go nuts! You might want to pace yourself though…


Is it lunch time? IT’S LUNCH TIME! Hike a few yards up, and you’ll be at the world-famous La Barbecue. If you’re not from Austin: go there. If you are from Austin: go there. Just go there. Trust me. You’ll enjoy it, or I’ll eat my hat. (Joke’s on you! I don’t own hats.) (Really though. It’s world famous. Jimmy Kimmel swears by it, and I think that counts for something? Maybe? Either way, it’s up there with Franklin, but with way better lines.) I should probably remind you to pace. yourself. Don’t be in no meat coma. You better keep your calm on that La Barbecue. Order about 1/4th of what you think you want.

Wait! Are you vegetarian, and didn’t eat at the cat cafe?! Fret not, my friend. Skip the flesh, and head to Counter Culture Cafe, a vegan/vegetarian restaurant, up the road. They’re amazing, and they also have beer.


Walk it off! Now that lunch is over, take a stroll to some of the super cool shops down there. There’s a great South American art importer called Corocoro that’s close by, or you can hoof it all the way down to the Pleasant Valley side and hit up Friends & Neighbors. They’re famous for their teepee in the backyard, but I go for the wine. They also have coffee, vintage clothing, jewelry that I want but can’t afford, and hand-crafted condiments from other cities that actually are awesome. Pricey, but awesome. Tired of spending? See some art at grayDUCK Gallery. Or maybe do spend… I support local artists. Is it happy hour yet?


If you’re laying a trap for me, just tell me there’s half-off bubbly somewhere. I’ll gladly walk into that cage, and this is true of Juniper. They have half-off sparkling, $7 wagyu skewers, and a few other delectables for their 4-6 p.m. happy hour (keep in mind they’re closed Sun-Mon). Not hungry yet? Stay Gold opens at 3! They’re a bar with an acceptable wine list, that also happens to be attached to a food truck specializing in toast/sandwiches. I’m noticing a food truck theme here… Don’t eat more yet! Okay, are you ready? Is it dinner time? Let’s cheat a little and walk a block away on a side street for Launderette. There’s no happy hour, but I don’t care. It’s delicious small plates with a ton of seafood. If you want to go full seafood though, you can head to Monger’s, a very popular more-than-oysters joint.

Are you stuffed yet?! Still sober?! Drinks Lounge and Craftsman have you covered! Craftsman even has Prosecco on tap! That should do the trick. I suspect that by now, you’ve had the best day ever.

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